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Hi folks,

Android Glideras you might have already mentioned, I have not published an article for quite a while. I also haven’t published a proper developement article for even a longer while. Honestly, I really want to change this, but I got one problem: I am lacking in time. I don’t see much more space in future but I will definitely try to squeeze in more time for this blog. I really like the Android platform and basically the whole idea it. It is worth and fun to write about it!

Anyway, what I actually wanted to ask you guys: Is anyone interested in sharing simple code samples with the community?
(Example: DialANumber)

What I can see from the day-to-day increasing access to this site is, there are definitely lots of people interested in this blog and its content. This means I did something right with my previous articles 🙂

So if there is someone out there who would like to share his / her experience with the Android platform please drop a comment below this article. I am sure we can make the world better, and bring useful information to the Android community.

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10 thoughts on “Help the Community”

  1. Hi Everyone,

    You want peoples to be able to find you and your applications other than by browsing the whole Android Market application list on their devices?

    Here we are! is the most complete Android Market Directory

    Note: The website is still on its beta version (only “search” feature is available for now but soon it will be completed by dedicated features for developers in order to manage and promote their applications, add screenshots, comments and newsletters, member profile creation and more…)

    Visis us at:

    M.H. and G.S. the co-founders of

  2. I can help you with your blog by re-posting android news in your news blog from android related websites and various other sources and i can also scribble a bit here and there about android , I am interested in android as a user and soon thinking creating my first app for android platform

    If you thought i can lend you a hand i will be ready to start from august 5th onwards

    My name is gv srinivasan , I am from chennai, Tamil nadu India ,
    A bone cancer patient who havebeen removed 26cm of bone in lef leg to save my life

    I am eagerly working forward to working with you on your blog and willing yo lend my hand in helping the blog generally

  3. This is to bad that you can post anymore. I have been checking your site now and again to see if it had been updated.

    Well I hope you good look with your blog and I will keep checking back

  4. yeah, code samples would be nice … especially cause I find the standard android gui widgets really lacking … droiddesigner doesn’t help at all either.

  5. Hello,
    I am preparing to develop blog on Android Developement with an example. after publish blog i will definately update it.
    actually I am new in android developement and i learn lots of things from different sites. now I am able to code very confortably.

  6. Orange is looking for great Apps…

    Hi guys,

    just to let you know that Orange (big european Telco operator) is finally looking for great Android Apps in order to feed its multi-countries Application Shop.
    I’m not an Orange employee, I’m just trying to help developers to get more visibility on such markets and to be treated like they should.


    Don’t miss this opportunity to show them who you are and what you’re developing or have already develop for Apps.

    If you’re interested in getting more visibility, I’m waiting for your replies in this group. You can also send me a direct message on Twitter (camillebosquet) with a screenshot of your App.

    Looking forward to speak with you ; )

  7. Don’t forget guys ! Tomorrow is the day Orange will launch the new Orange App Shop on-device client, at LeWeb09 in Paris…

    If you’re at LeWeb, come and see it for yourself! Meet the Orange Partner team, show them your apps, and get technical and commercial feedback, 1:2:1.

    If you can’t attend the event, join us for live discussions from LeWeb on the Orange App Shop Developer Community Platform – we’ll be posting direct from the Orange stand.

    You’ll also be able to get all the details about the new client on the Orange Partner website

    Looking forward to hearing what you think!

  8. Interesting… I might try some of this on my blog, too. It’s quite interesting how you sometimes stop being innovative and just go for an accepted solution without actually trying to improve it… you make a couple of good points.

    it developer

  9. This is a great post Dmitry. I just had one of the ‘Doh!’ moments and ran back to correct my own site before publishing my comment. You see my own comment form did not match what I’m about to advise. I get less comments than you, so never noticed any problem. I’ve changed it now anyway so here goes.

    IT developer

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