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“Motorola Droid” will be called “Motorola Milestone” in Germany

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

… how gay is that?

Remember my previous article about the Motorola Droid? Well, back then I already thought that name was questionable as it comes around a bit cheesy – especially when the device is running Android on there. It is kind of like calling a BlackBerry weather app “BBWeather”. But “Milestone”? Come on Motorola … you are a US company and US companies usually put shit loads of money into branding and marketing of products. If feels like they are cutting costs and try to save money on that front. Then a clever manager dude came along and named the phone “Milestone” because it will be the next big milestone for Motorola to get back on the profit making track.

That might be understandable, but then that question comes up: Why do you use that name just for Germany? Because lots of Germans don’t speak that well? Indeed … we they even call a cell phone “Handy”. Back to our topic. “Milestone” is not such of a common name in Germany that people would recognize it better than “Droid”. Some naming decisions are really funny.

Perhaps some readers from Motorola can shed some light in here 😎

Website: Motorola Milestone

P.S.: Sorry for the expression at the top. No offense my gay friends – I like you too. It is just not my thing 🙂

T-Mobile G2 – HTC Magic coming to T-Mobile Germany

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Not too long ago we wrote about T-Mobile USA G2 shots that were found on the web. Now the German news channel N-TV reports on their website that the HTC Magic will be released tomorrow (April 24th, 2009). The phone will cost just €1 in combination with a 2-year contract where you pay €25 – €120 per month depending on which terms and services you subscribe to.

Website: T-Mobile Germany

T-Mobile G2 - HTC Magic coming to T-Mobile Germany