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T-Mobile G2 powered by Android OS

Monday, March 30th, 2009

T-Mobile G2 powered by Android OS
TmoNews just reported: “HTC Magic Passes FCC for T-mobile USA!”.

This looks very similar to the HTC Magic that was presented by HTC and Vodafone. So I guess the specifications are the same and there is just a T-Mobile branding instead of a Vodafone branding on the phone. Though Vodafone already announced the HTC Magic – I haven’t seen it in stores yet. If you have seen it, please leave us a comment or even a picture taken with your G1 🙂

I know I have to get up and write some more about the actual Android software development – that’s where this blog has its name from – by the way. I will definitely do some more on this front soon. Stay tuned folks!

T-Mobile G2 powered by Android OS

More Android Powered Mobile / Smartphones from HTC, Samsung, Garmin

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

More Android Powered Mobile / Smartphones from HTC, Samsung, Garmin
There will be more Android powered phones released very soon!


In the second quarter of 2009 Garmin will release a new Android powered device – rumors say. Most probably it will be a device that combines mobile phone functions with Garmin’s navigation expertise.

Source Golem.


HTC will release a new physical keyboard-free G1 successor the upcoming 1st quarter 2009.

Source Golem.


Samsung Electronics will release its first Google phone in the second quarter of the next year in North America.

The launch of Google phone by Samsung is regarded as a signal of its plan for increasing the shares in the smart phone market by releasing handsets in various operating systems.

Source etnews Korea.

That’s gonna be an awesome year 2009! 😎

P.S.: Image by BGR.