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Android Smartphones are all over Hong Kong and even on Mini-Buses

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Yesterday night I was walking around Kowloon site of Hong Kong and saw a couple of so called “Mini Buses” that were showing hundreds of Android smartphones on an ad that was obviously promoting just Android. Check it out:

Zoomed in a bit further, you can see that there are loads of little droids on the banner. Though, I don’t quite understand what the app is talking about (my Cantonese / Chinese reading is nearly not existing) I reckon that ad is there to just advertise for Android.

With a smartphone penetration of 58% (if I remember correctly), every second mobile in Hong Kong is a smartphone. While the iPhone is still the main smartphone used for personal and the BlackBerry for business life, Android phones are getting more and more popular – like everywhere in the world. Most of those new Android phones are built in Asia anyway and therefore, they hit Hong Kong very early after being released publicly.

If you have a nice Android picture in real life, let me know. I might put it up as well 😉

Android Developer Labs 2010 in Hong Kong

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Today we had the last even of the Android Developer Labs ADL 2010 in Hong Kong – hosted by Google for free! I attended and I was more than surprised about how many Android developers and interested people actually showed up. Traditionally, the development community in Hong Kong is very small. Check out a part of the long registration line here:

Android Developer Labs 2010 in Hong Kong

And that’s actually after half of the participants already checked in. The venue was considerably crowded and I would say nearly 80% of the available seats were taken.

Android Developer Labs 2010 in Hong Kong

Below at the left side you can see a banner of the Hong Kong Google Technology User Group. Seems to sound like a nice idea, if you want to know about that, check it out here: Hongkong GTUG

Android Developer Labs 2010 in Hong Kong

As I didn’t follow previous ADL events I didn’t know that every registered participant gets a free Nexus One. To my surprise, Google had a big box with loads of N1 devices and I got another one – for free! Check out the developers lining up for the free Nexus One:

Android Developer Labs 2010 in Hong Kong

Below you can see all these dudes with white Nexus One boxes.

Android Developer Labs 2010 in Hong Kong

Nice event Google! The best step is definitely to give developers free phones. You can have the best simulator / emulator, but it is always a different experience when you run your application on a real phone. This is very important proper mobile application development. You need to use your application on a real phone – only then you figure out what you actually did wrong. Google definitely understood this. Thanks Google.


How / Where to buy a T-Mobile G1 Google phone in Hong Kong

Friday, November 14th, 2008

The T-Mobile G1 is on sale in the US for about 3 weeks now. It seems to be a quite popular phone and there already appeared some phones on ebay in the US as well as in Europe.

Yesterday I was checking out the Hong Kong mobile phone dealers on the Google / T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream). While Hong Kong is usually quite quick with new products (especially mobile phones) the G1 was not available for a while. The online shopping market is not really existing here at the moment and therefor, it is always good to check out local stores. The two best places in Hong Kong for imported gadget and high end stuff (including gadgets that are never going to be released in other markets because HK is the electronics companies’ playground) are:

So I checked nearly every shop I could find and some of them had the T-Mobile G1 in their showcases. I was even allowed to touch one! 😎

The G1’s price range in those shops was:

  • Maximum: HK$4980 (~US$642)
  • Minimum: HK$3500 (~US$451)

As you can see there is big difference of nearly US$200 between the offers but the lower price seems to be a good deal. Here are some photos from the good priced one in the shop on Nathan Road:

How to buy a T-Mobile G1 Google phone in Hong Kong

How to buy a T-Mobile G1 Google phone in Hong Kong

As far as I remember it is near Nathan Road no. 123 but I am not that sure. Might be in Burlington House or very nearby.