is meant to bring some personal experiences of me and the Android development to the community. This community is you! Besides the vendors implementing the Android platform, the most important factor of a successful mobile device platform is its compatibility. Compatibility in an open approach for more 3rd party applications. Those applications bring more value to a device and encourage potential users to get an Android-powered “GPhone”. While Google, Inc. is a great company with great developers and even greater applications and services; they cannot do all by their own. Especially the small gadget pieces of software we are looking are mostly not developed by companies. is meant to provide you with ideas, code samples, small applications that are interesting to the Android platform.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m looking for an Android dev with barcode reading related experience. Any idea where’s a good place to look?



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  3. Hi,

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  4. Hi…I’am a reader of your blog, and even creator of the community…
    Would you like to exchange links?..It would be cool that we could help each other with our content…what do you think??..

    Thanks for your time!!!


  5. Hello, I just read your fragmentation article I really enjoyed 🙂 Fragmentation is indeed a problem and an opportunity in itself, that’s why we created a low cost usability and device testing for Android. The developers submit their applications and we contact “normal” users to test them. Developers get help fixing bugs and finding usability issues while users get a few extra bucks. All testers are required to video tape their experience and answer a few question made by developers.

    If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us:

    Jose –

  6. good page and helped me out what something is wrong with your page. It doesn’t matter which Browser I use it slows down my whole PC and ist 100% CPU activity.

    some bad jave

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