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Google’s Own Android Phone to go the BlackBerry Way

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

I just read that Google plans to sell its own Android phone in two versions:

  1. Branded T-Mobile version with contract.
  2. Unbranded version.

This brought up some memories on how BlackBerry devices are distributed. For those of you who don’t know: BlackBerry devices from Canada’s biggest and S&P 500’s fastest growing company Research In Motion are only available through Wireless Network Carriers; mostly branded. It is impossible to get such devices without branding (unless you are a BlackBerry Alliance partner and get an internal device for testing).

For Google it is a good move to have their device at network carrier’s shelfs because that is where customers get their phones mostly. I guess the mainstream user (not you and me) doesn’t really care much about what phone it is and who made. The phone user’s decision is usually based on

  1. Good deal with the carrier.
  2. Phone’s capabilities.
  3. Phone’s look.
  4. Phone’s reputation.

Obviously user’s of Apple’s iPhone have their preferences sorted differently. Well, the above sorting is mine, and I have to say: even though the iPhone looks cool and is supposed to be “hip”; and the Android phones are kind of geeky (from a technological point of view); I am still using a BlackBerry as my main device. In fact, as I am on the road right now, I am using two!

People now might say: “Why the f*** is that? You are running an Android blog man!” Well, I have to say: Android is not there where I would like to see it at – yet. I really like the Android approach of Android OS and I truly believe it will have a bright future for all of us, but there is still some way to go. The gap to Google’s competitors gets closer and closer but it is still there. Fortunately, our business is such a fast growing one that our world order could be upside down next year.

I am really excited about the mobile future; this includes but is not limited to Android. What devices are you using?

More about this on Two Google Phones Coming in January? (Reuters via

T-Mobile G2 – HTC Magic coming to T-Mobile Germany

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Not too long ago we wrote about T-Mobile USA G2 shots that were found on the web. Now the German news channel N-TV reports on their website that the HTC Magic will be released tomorrow (April 24th, 2009). The phone will cost just €1 in combination with a 2-year contract where you pay €25 – €120 per month depending on which terms and services you subscribe to.

Website: T-Mobile Germany

T-Mobile G2 - HTC Magic coming to T-Mobile Germany

T-Mobile G2 powered by Android OS

Monday, March 30th, 2009

T-Mobile G2 powered by Android OS
TmoNews just reported: “HTC Magic Passes FCC for T-mobile USA!”.

This looks very similar to the HTC Magic that was presented by HTC and Vodafone. So I guess the specifications are the same and there is just a T-Mobile branding instead of a Vodafone branding on the phone. Though Vodafone already announced the HTC Magic – I haven’t seen it in stores yet. If you have seen it, please leave us a comment or even a picture taken with your G1 🙂

I know I have to get up and write some more about the actual Android software development – that’s where this blog has its name from – by the way. I will definitely do some more on this front soon. Stay tuned folks!

T-Mobile G2 powered by Android OS

Android OS on more devices

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Huawei Android Phone
Android Phone from Huawei
About a week ago Huawei announced an Android powered phone at the Mobile World Congress ’09. Huawei is not really known outside of China except as a mobile infrastructure provider. Though many people outside the People’s Republic do not know that brand, everyone in China knows it. Being the biggest mobile phone market (more that 400 mio. mobile subscribers) speaks for itself. The phone itself looks like a direct iPhone copy but with a good OS 🙂
ASUS Eee PC - running Google’s Android OS
Android on ASUS Eee PC
Besides the Chinese dudes I just read from other (free) Chinese dudes in Taiwan over at ASUS. They are working on a custom version of Android to run it on their Eee PCs which come with Windows XP right now. Google’s Carolyn Penner said that Android hasn’t been designed for phone exclusively. It is rather been intended to run on any kind of mobile device – this would include the Eee PC as well. Especially on such extreme mobile device it is quite important to use as less resources as possible. Microsoft’s Windows – no matter if it is XP, Vista or even WM Mobile – was never really fast.

HTC Magic w/o SIM Lock
I just found: HTC confirmed that the Vodafone / HTC Magic will not come with a SIM Lock like the T-Mobile G1. This is good news!