JavaDoc for Android SDK 1.0 R1

While the release of the final Android SDK 1.0 R1 along with the Google/T-Mobile/HTC G1 made me quite happy I was again surprised that it does not come with a standard JavaDoc package documentation. 🙁

Google always tries to be as much standard-conform and Java-straight in all their activities but this disappointed me deeply! Every Java developer (and I am doing this for quite some years now) just loves a library’s JavaDoc because it is so helpful with a stream lined designed and we just know how to navigate in there. Because Google’s standard Android documentation seems to use some other technology it is more difficult to use. At least for me!

Anyway, after using the Google search engine for quite some seconds (may be two) I found a site on the Internet that offers the Android SDK documentation in our beloved JavaDoc format. Everyone who likes to use it please take a look below. I will also add this to the links collection in the navigation bar so everyone can find it with an ease in case you loose your bookmark 🙂

Android SDK JavaDoc Main Site:

Android SDK 1.0 R1 JavaDoc:

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