Are you an Open Source Developer?

Again, I read an article about the Android system and this time with the title: Open Source Developers Pick Android Over iPhone.

I am not really an open source developer, though I truly believe in that concept, I just don’t have enough spare time to put into it. Damn I don’t even have enough time to blog right here. Anyway, I was wondering if there are readers of you who develop Android application for the sole purpose of open source licensing. Apparently there are 357 open source projects for the Android platform existing by now. Most of them are not finished yet, but still, this is quite a number. I hope this number grows significantly this year. It will give the Android platform more exposure, more functionality and therefore, grow the platform to a level where it is widely accepted.

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3 thoughts on “Are you an Open Source Developer?”

  1. I have recently ported a big app to the Blackberry and the next target is Android. I am very happy to be in an open source environment. One frustrating thing about Blackberry is that you extend the UI controls classes and you are flying somewhat in the dark because you don’t know the details of their implementation and you need to do a lot of testing just to figure out how to make your custom controls work. It’s black box in the WRONG way. Boo. I am very happy to be targeting Android.

  2. Im also a open source developed. I previously developed for Maemo (and I will probably still support its older versions), but Android really looks atractive. Its development tools blow the others very easily.

    In fact, it is so good that Im starting over from scratch, re-writing my C++ code into Java code. It will be a nice fresh start, with a eager user base, just waiting to play my games.

    Kudos for the great blog. It helped me figuring out how to package my app (hint: the OSX instructions work verbatin on Linux)

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