The Nexus One is not a Failure

I just read that article Nexus One: Failure or a Late-Bloomer? I am bit confused by the article and wanted to share that. If I am wrong in any point, please feel free to correct me. The author says:

Slow and steady may work for the tortoise against the hare, but sluggish sales of Google’s Nexus One smartphone has the blogosphere calling its approach a failure.

First of all, the “blogosphere” (oh god, I hate this word!!!11!!!eleven!!!) does not care about sales. The real blogosphere one at least!

Secondly it is talking about:

it took Apple […] 74 days sell one million units of the original iPhone back in 2007. […] Google, meanwhile, has sold only about 135,000 Nexus One units, according to Flurry.

I don’t know where Flurry has their numbers from, but when I went to the Android Developer Labs 2010 two weeks ago, the official Google/Android representative was saying during their presentation that they are currently shipping 60,000 phones a day! I call that a success.

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6 thoughts on “The Nexus One is not a Failure”

  1. 60,000 is the number of Android phones shipping not Nexus one’s.

    Sure Google would love to see higher sales but the are taking an unconventional sales approach trying to change the way consumers buy phones. So if anything is failing it is the method which they are selling the phone not the phone itself.

  2. Ah, OK, then I misheard that one 🙂

    Anyway, it is more about the Android OS rather than one particular phone 🙂

  3. agree with this article. how can those idiots justify that? the nexus one is a much better phone in comparison firstly. problem i see that it is only available online, yet it has such a high success rate still! alot of people hadn’t even herd of this phone in my university because it hasn’t been marketed like the rubbish iphone. in the UK (where i’m from) on every channel i would see an O2 ad when the iphone was being launched. apparently vodafone uk has exclusive rights over this phone, yet i havn’t seen a single ad for it or trying to build up hype for it. heck when i visited the site to order my sim free nexus one it said in a corner “coming soon, spring 2010” i dont understand why so long after the phones been launched. the htc desire has been launched here since end of may, still no sign of the nexus one tho. its absolutely stupid as how this great handset has been marketed over here. google should have set up a google uk shop and disturbed from the uk too. it would have “lessend” the tax and duty cost and made it slighly cheaper to by a sim free nexus one. with the cost being in the region of £450, by no means it is the cheapest phone, but it is surely up there as one of the best in my opinion. at 450 plus what ever hr customs deside to charge you for tax and duty, i still see this as a bargin, specially with what it can do.
    again, if this had been marketed correctly it would have been an instant hit.
    its the same story with the motorola droid. not even seen a person with this in the uk, as expansys uk have exclusivity of this phone. has cost motorla tons on what most people would have jumped to straight after a G1 after their upgrade was due. just waiting for the my touch slide offical rom to be ported to that classic phone now..

  4. this is not comparing like for like, i agree with the previous post, android phones are now starting to get everywhere without the mass marketing that apple employ. I also live in the UK and had to get my nexus shipped from the states and pay import duties etc. the proposed vodaphone release date seems to have slipped (none in stock) and no other easier option. One of the better things about android is the ability to run it on lots of different hardware. plus the bonus being not having to use iTunes (i went from iphone to nexus)
    everyone i show the nexus to is very impressed and will consider more than an iphone, even the local mac head at work is thinking about it.
    just needs time, iphone 2g wasnt great until app store sorted it self. same for android. the market place grows every day and so do we all.
    long live android!

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