How to access the Android Market without a real phone

We have already talked about how you can earn money with the Android Market. However, once you have built and signed your application you might have uploaded it to the Android Market. Unfortunately, the Android Market cannot be accessed from within the Android Emulator of your Android SDK. This is bad 🙁

Fortunately, there is a G1 Simulator available on the web! 🙂

This simulator actually allows us to use the phone online and check out its capabilities – including the Android Market. I know, many people might say: mate, just get a G1 and enjoy. However, not everyone – especially poor developers – do not have such a device available – yet. Back to the simulator: unfortunately, this simulator and the Android Market on there does not give us access to the real Android Market. The cool thing is: you can see how other application look like in the Android Market and therefore, you can imagine how your app would look like in there. Here is a screen shot I took:

Android T-Mobile G1 Web Simulator

Want to check it out? Click here: T-Mobile G1 Simulator

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