Need an Android / Google G1 phone for testing

Hi folks,

today I have a request which seems to be a quite important issue to me. Unfortunately, I am not located in the US so I cannot get a Google G1 phone from T-Mobile. 🙁

Everyone who ever programmed for mobile devices knows best that you better have a device you can test your application on. Though there are simulators available (and I have to say the Android simulator is really good!) it is still somehow different to have a real phone. The whole process of creating the application, writing code, building the binary, installing it on the device, and finally running the program on the device needs to be tested together. This also leads me to the point that there will be perfomance differences between the device simulator on your PC or MAC and the actual “real” phone in your hand. Mobile phone CPU’s (aka processors) are mostly lower powered than your desktop computer (well compare the power G1 one to my first 8086 PC … :)) and therefor the programs we write perform different on the device.

Conclusion: A real device is necessary.

So if anyone of you has a G1 left for me please feel free to drop a comment and I will send you an email then. No worries, your email address will never go public here.

Need an Android / Google G1 phone for testing

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3 thoughts on “Need an Android / Google G1 phone for testing”

  1. You can (if you realy want one) order de “dev G1” from england…
    It is unlocked to any network…
    it cost’s something like €300.

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