71% of all Android Users want to keep their Robot!

Folks, check out these new stats from Nielsen Wire!

It tells us, that 71% of all Android users want to have an Android phone as their next phone. Though the iPhone users are even more loyal, their 89% number is quite normal for Apple users in General. However, there is not just one phone with an Android OS – there are a lot by now! Therefore, it is hard for Google / Android to provide the very same user experience on every Android phone.

More about their iPhone / BlackBerry / Android report can be found here: Android Soars, but iPhone Still Most Desired as Smartphones Grab 25% of U.S. Mobile Market

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3 thoughts on “71% of all Android Users want to keep their Robot!”

  1. very truly said …. Google/Android has varieties of phones, so its not possible to have same technologies for all of them. And its not necessary too that its every technologies and api.’s are accepted by its users.

  2. Sorry but I think the positive spin on these numbers is ridiculous. What it tells me is that about 1 in every 3 Android buyers are not happy with the platform. I don’t see that as such a rosy picture especially with that big black bar in the middle of that 30%. If Apple is going to siphon off about 25% of Android customers, that’s bad.

    “their 89% number is quite normal for Apple users in General”

    Look at the consumer data (some released by Apple) and you’ll see most iPhone owners are not Apple “users.” Most of them own Windows machines. That high satisfaction number is not the result of some cult following but rather the perceived quality of Apple’s products (whether justified or not.) I hope like hell there’s some way to combat that because that’s bad news for Android.

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