T-Mobile G1 phone in Germany

T-Mobile G1 phone in Germany
The T-Mobile G1 mobile phone will be available in Germany in February. Compared to the already selling G1 phone in the USA this German version will not have much new features. Well, it will support German language localization for all pre-loaded application – I guess. Also the keyboard will be German-typical QWERTZ instead of the English QWERTY standard.

Over 700 applications are already available on the Android Market which gives this nifty device a great argument for using it. As there are only free applications allowed by now, all of those 700 applications can be downloaded for free. Though you can already (prepare to) make money with apps on the Android Market.


Germany is huge player in IT in the world and the biggest Android Development Forum by now – http://www.anddev.org/ – is run by a German (university student afaik). Hopefully, the availibility of the G1 in Germany will bring a boost to app development.

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